2015 Holiday Showcase
2015 Annual Holiday Showcase

2015 Annual Holiday Showcase

2015 Holiday Showcase Results!

2015 Holiday Showcase Results!

The 2015 Holiday Showcase was a great success. Almost 100 members and guests attended and more than 80 pieces were displayed.  Members were asked to choose their favourites in each category, and this was a very difficult chore, as there were so many beautiful entries.  Guests had the chance to view the club and get a good sense of what our club is about.  On top of that Bernie Kamutski gave a great demonstration on making cute and rustic Christmas tree ornaments.  

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First , a word about our demonstration.  Bernie gave a great demo on Christmas trees.  Here are some photos and a link to the notes.

For a guide on how to create this project, click here

So, for the Competition:   starting from the top:
Best in Show went to Ross Robertson 
 This remarkable piece was turned from spalted maple, then carved, then dyed and finished.  Truly spectacular!!  The Best in Show was chosen by Tim Kennedy, last year's Best in Show Winner. 

Bowls and Platters
2nd Place Ron Thomas
Third Place Braydon Longstaffe
Honourable Mention Bernie Kamutski

Boxes and Hollow Forms 
First Place Tim Kennedy
Second Place Russell Norman
Third Place Lucy Kristan
Honourable Mention Neil Haist


First Place Lucy Kristan
Second Place Wyatt Walkem
Third Place Dave Taylor
Honourable Mention Jose Reis

First Place Wyatt Walkem
Second Place Don Hinchley
Third Place Don Hinchley
Honourable Mention Don Hinchley

The Competition Arena