Hands On Workshops

The Hands On Sessions are a very popular feature of our club. Classes are held on the 3rd Monday of each month between 6:30pm and 9:30pm from September to May (except December). Enrollment is limited to 10 people. To enroll you must be a member in good standing and commit to attend all 8 sessions. There is a modest material fee that will be collected by the Hands On Coordinator on the first scheduled class.

A sign up sheet is made available at the first meeting of the season, in September.  If you are interested, arrive early, apply for (or renew) your membership, and sign up for the Hands On sessions.

Learn Woodturning Fundamentals

The Hands On nights will help build your skills by giving you a small project that you will work on through the evening and take home to complete. In the process of doing each project you will be coached on how to work safely, sharpening your tools, effective use of various gouges and chisels, spindle work, face plate work, dealing with endgrain and other aspects that should get you turning at a functional level. Set up and clean up duties are part of the class. You are encouraged to bring your finished pieces to the Show and Tell table at the General Meeting.

This is a wonderful learning opportunity for all members, whether you are a beginner or already have some experience.

Hands On Program Projects

September Intro to tool sharpening. Make a honey dipper.
October Chisel handle
November Carving mallet
January Wig stand
February Dry bowl
March Charcuterie board
April Lidded box
May Acrylic pen

List of items TWG members planning to attend need to bring:
  1. Your membership card
  2. Your own woodturning tools
  3. Your Personal Protective Equipment to be safety-prepared including:
  • safety glasses or face-shield,
  • dust-mask,
  • CSA approved safety work-shoes or boots,
  • turning smock, etc.

Use of shop lathes and grinder
  • No one is authorized to use any equipment in the shop other than the grinder and the lathe.  
  • For club insurance purposes, only members who are American Association of Woodturners (AAW) members are authorized to use shop lathes & grinders on their own.
  • Non-AAW members MUST use lathe only with supervision of a TWG & AAW member.

Lathe Safety Guidelines - Partial listing
  • Make sure that your blanks are as round as possible to avoid excessive vibration and secured properly
  • Check the lathe speed and tool rest/tailstock tension BEFORE you turn on the lathe.
  • Rotate the blank manually to make sure its not hitting the tool rest or lathe bed
  • Make sure no one is in the direct path of the work rotation (in case the workpiece breaks or shatters, you do not want to inadvertently harm someone nearby)
  • Read the TWG Safety Guidelines 

2014-15 Hands On Gallery

2014-15 Hands On Gallery